iPhone 14 Plus Gets Praised for Its Bigger Display, All-Day Battery, Impressive Camera Upgrades and More in Latest Review Roundup

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iPhone 14 Plus Gets Praised for Its Bigger Display, All-Day Battery, Impressive Camera Upgrades and More in Latest Review Roundup

Apple got rid of the ‘mini’ version this year and introduced a sizable replacement in the form of the iPhone 14 Plus, which features a massive 6.7-inch LTPS OLED screen, matching the panel size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max (but missing out on some features). Reviewers and YouTubers alike have praised this version for many reasons, and a lot has to do with its physical size, so let us check out this review roundup in more detail.

A piece published by Engadget praises the thermal management of the iPhone 14 Plus compared to the regular iPhone 14 while also stating that customers now have a choice to spend less on a large-screen iPhone.

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“Now I know that the addition of a slightly larger basic iPhone to the line is far from a game changer. But, the introduction of the iPhone 14 Plus really fleshes out the lineup. Previously, if you wanted an iPhone with a big screen, you had no choice but to shell out for the Pro Max model, which costs over $1,000. But with the 14 Plus, you can get the same size screen without having to pay for fancy features you might not want or need. As a bonus, its thermal management is even better than the standard model, so you almost never have to worry about getting sweaty hands.”

In a review by The Verge, the iPhone 14 Plus gets praise for the display size and battery. If you were dead-set on purchasing an iPhone that is under $1,000, this is one to get.

“If it’s time for an upgrade and you’ve been eyeing the big iPhone, but you’d rather get the best battery life possible than the very latest features, then the iPhone 14 Plus is for you. It is an iPhone with a really big screen and great battery life for under $1,000. That’s a combination of features that a lot of people will find appealing, and the 14 Plus delivers on its promises.”

A larger screen smartphone does not always translate into an advantage, but Pocket-link believes there is a lot to appreciate about the iPhone 14 Plus.

“Bigger doesn't always mean better but there's a lot to love about the iPhone 14 Plus and if you think you want the smaller model, we urge you to reconsider. The iPhone 14 Plus' large display, large form factor and large battery make it a truly excellent choice.”

Like the other media outlets, TechRadar also recommends customers get their hands on this model if they are looking for a sub-$1,000 option.

“The iPhone 14 Plus is a great option for those after a bigger handset, with a design, display, cameras and build quality that are all excellent, if a bit last-generation. It's also a more affordable way to get into Apple’s big-screen smartphone world, without having to shell out $1,000 / £1,000-plus.”

You can check out the video reviews below if you like.



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