iPhone 13 Users Are Experiencing Pink Screen Issues, Apple Advises to Backup Data


Apple launched the iPhone 13 series a few months back and the lineup has been received pretty well. However, some users are reporting a pink screen issue which, according to Apple, is a software issue instead of a hardware issue. Users have reported several instances of how the pink screen issue was discovered on the iPhone 13 models. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Some iPhone 13 Users Are Reporting a Pink Screen Issue, Apple Says That it is a Software Bug

If you are unfamiliar, the pink screen issue makes it impossible to use your iPhone. If you encounter the issue, you would have to restart the device to use it again. A user shared on Apple's discussion forum that his iPhone 13 Pro's screen turned completely pink and started crashing randomly. While Apple did replace the models, more users are starting to see the pink screen and the replacement was not made. This is because Apple stated that the pink screen issue on the iPhone is related to a software bug instead of a hardware issue. A user wrote back in December:

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Had the same issue when taking a picture and it froze screen turned pink and then restarted. Called apple support they ran diagnostics and said there was nothing wrong. So gonna keep it until it happens again or happens constantly.if it does i am returning it since I just got it day before yesterday.

It is worth noting that the reason for the pink screen issue is random. A Reddit user encountered the issue while navigating the GPS, another one saw the pink screen after power cycling their battery.

This happened to me in the car the other day. It was preceded by my GPS being a few streets off until I power cycled it. During the cycle it pink screened. Been fine ever since.

My phones battery was acting weird and it kept freezing so I power cycled it and it pink screened too. 13 pro.

iPhone 13 Pink Screen iOS and Software issue

My Drivers discovered that Apple made s statement on the Weibo network this weekend, stating the cases are emerging in China. Check out what the company wrote.

We didn’t notice relevant problems in the hardware of the devices because this situation is caused when the system is locked.

Apple has advised users to back up their data and install the latest version of apps. If it is a software issue, Apple will address the bug in a future iOS update. As of right now, there have been no mentions of the bug fix in the iOS 15.3 RC build. In addition, the pink screen issue seems to be present only on the iPhone 13 models.

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