iPhone 13 Series Once More Reported to Feature Wi-Fi 6E Chips for Faster Performance & Lower Latency

Omar Sohail
iPhone 13 Series One More Reported to Feature Wi-Fi 6E Chips for Faster Performance & Lower Latency

New iPhone 13 models arriving later this year are expected to feature faster Wi-Fi 6E chips, according to a new report. Previous info has talked about this before, with the new series providing a serious upgrade over the current generation if that matters to you.

Wi-Fi 6E Chips Present in the iPhone 13 Lineup Will Also Result in Reduced Interference

According to a research note shared with MacRumors, Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Thomas O'Malley once again talked about the minor upgrade arriving for the iPhone 13 series. One big winner from the entire deal will be Broadcom. In addition to supplying Samsung with Wi-Fi 6E chips for its Galaxy S21 range, the manufacturer will also provide Apple with the same chips.

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It’s not clear if the new 2021 iPad Pro range will be treated to Wi-Fi 6E, so we’ll have to wait and see what Apple’s plans are. Only in 2020 did we see Apple’s M1 Macs feature Wi-Fi 6, so we’ll be excited to see if the newer models adopt the latest standard too. The Cupertino tech giant is a bit on the slow side to adopt the latest wireless protocols because it allows them to get widely adopted first, resulting in improved price negotiations with the supplier.

As for what advantages you can expect to experience with Wi-Fi 6E, they will range from not just higher performance but lower latency as well. Faster data rates can be expected, and because users will be connected to the 6GHz band instead of the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz band, it will result in improved bandwidth, causing less interference. This will result in a more reliable wireless experience for the user, regardless if you’re downloading or streaming.

However, Wi-Fi 6E on the iPhone 13 lineup will be of no use to the user if they don’t have an access point compatible with the same standard. If you don’t plan on upgrading your home network to Wi-Fi 6E, chances are you more or less don’t care about the new upgrades arriving for Apple’s newest iPhone models. In many ways, that’s alright because Wi-Fi 6 is still fast and reliable, so it’s not going to be a deal-breaker.

News Source: MacRumors

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