A New iPad In The Works – iPad Mini Air To Be Reportedly 30% Thinner


With all the hype surrounding Apple being mostly related to the iPhone 6, other parts of Apple's lineup for this September seem to have been ignored mostly. Well, that ends today with new information having surfaced about the next iPad Mini. And starting from the basics, it seems that the tablet is going to get an entirely new nomenclature. The next iPad Mini is reportedly going to be called the iPad Mini Air from this September. This all seems justified with what the latest report seems to claim however. The Chinese Media is reporting that the  iPad Mini Air will be a staggering 30% thinner than the current version.

The iPad Mini 'Air' To Be 30% Thinner Than The Current iPad Mini - To Come With Apple's A8 Processor

Reportedly, the iPad Mini Air will be 30% thinner than its counterparts. How Apple will manage to do that, and what that means for the device's looks is yet to be known. But whatever the case may be, the rule always follows. 'Thinner is always better'. And for those of you concerned about the performance of the device resulting from this drastic reduction in size, worry not. According to the Chinese, the Pad Mini Air will be powered by Apple's A8 SoC. This will also help the battery on the upcoming device, since the A8 is known to focus more towards power consumption and efficiency as compared to raw computing power. Plus, if the 30% thing is true, than that would mean that the iPad Mini Air will have a thickness of 5.25 mm. Which is wow.

There also has been word about the 12.9 inch rumored 'iPad Pro'. About this device, the report says that the device could be launched at the end of the third quarter or at the beginning of the fourth. However, nothing's really confirmed so far, even though the concept itself looks promising. Stay tuned for more folks.