An iPad With a Massive 16-inch Display Could Launch in 2023

Omar Sohail & Ali Salman
An iPad With a Massive 16-inch Display Could Launch in 2023

It is no secret that Apple has been testing different iPad models with varying display sizes. Earlier rumors have stated that the biggest panel arriving to the tablet series is 14 inches, which pretty much puts these devices in notebook territory. However, a new report claims that a 16-inch version is in the works, and it may arrive as early as next year.

The Rumored 16-inch iPad May Launch in the Fourth Quarter of Next Year

The ridiculous 16-inch screen belonging to this unnamed iPad will likely be geared toward professional customers, according to a report from The Information. MacRumors states that consumers who wish to have a bigger canvas to work with will be interested in such a product. If a launch happens, this iPad will share the same display size as the current-generation 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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“A 16-inch iPad would likely be geared toward creative professionals such as graphic artists and designers who prefer a larger screen.”

The larger 16-inch iPad may also be packed with ‘over the top’ specifications such as a powerful chipset, boatloads of RAM, storage, and more, meaning that Apple will likely launch it as another member of the iPad Pro lineup. However, the report does not mention if this version will replace the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro or be added to the existing range. What we are pretty sure about is that this version will not feature OLED technology and will stick to mini-LED.

This is because Apple is rumored to start procuring two-stack tandem OLED panels from the likes of Samsung and LG in 2024. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also commented that the company will launch the 12.9-inch and 11-inch models with OLED, and these panels will tout the same quality as the units placed on a top-tier iPhone. Unfortunately, Gurman did not release any statement concerning this 16-inch model, so it is possible he might not possess any knowledge of the product, at least not this early anyway.

Apple is known for canceling future product launches, so if this 16-inch iPad does not perform or look according to the company’s expectations, we may not see it next year. As always, we recommend our readers treat this information with a pinch of salt and wait for more updates.

News Source: The Information

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