Enough with iPad… Stop it!

Omer Saleem

Damn, I don't know what is wrong with the world (including us). We are so obsessed with Apple and its gimmickry of glamorous toys that we stop looking at anything else. Yes the iPad (or I say iTempons) has been launched but the media and the web just cannot stop talking about. Just take an example of this morning, I opened up Google news and what I see, top 5 news are of Apple iPad's underwhelming launch, Steve Jobs hates netbooks, Steve Jobs does not care about other competitors, iPad gets a frackin' keyboard, Hollywood not willing to go the iPad way. Like what is up! There have been websites which were quiet normal before the Apple invasion of news and now for the last three days, its iPad, Apple, iPad, Steve Jobs, Apple.

Financial markets, butcher shops, cafe's, restaurants, schools, colleges... everyone is talking about it. Is it really that revolutionary? I don't think so. Yes it is innovative but it is also an enlarged overgrown iPhone and it does not bake cakes or make mini iPhone babies. Stop it already! See even I am writing this piece about it.

It hasn't been a week and Apple has already found the following ways to keep itself in news and give free promo to iPad.

A law suit over the name iPad
Saying no to Flash in iPhone and now showing advert with Safari playing Flash content
Steve Jobs telling everyone that iPad's battery life is good for everyone because he said so

On a lighter note, we are looking for a test unit so that we can bring you the "unbiased" review of over grown iPhone aka iPad!

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