Chief Display Supplier For iPad Pro Revealed; It’s Not LG Or Samsung

Apple will not be utilizing Samsung’s or LG’s displays for the bulk quantity of its 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Instead, the tech giant will be incorporating majority of them from Sharp, while a small percentage of those displays will be coming from the aforementioned South Korean tech firms. iPad Pro is expected to be officially announced before 2015 has drawn to a close.

Foxconn And Its Subsidiary Will Be Supplying Other Components To Apple’s iPad Pro

According to a report from DigiTimes, in addition to using Sharp’s displays to be incorporated on to iPad Pro, Cupertino tech company Apple will also be using touch modules from GIS (General Interface Solution), which happens to be subsidiary of Apple’s chief device assembler, Foxconn. The source states that apart from touch modules, GIS will also be responsible for lamination and assimilating liquid crystal modules.

One of the reasons why Sharp was chosen to be Apple’s chief supplier of displays was because of its close relationship with the firm and Foxconn. As for when iPad Pro will be available, it is expected that the product will go in to mass production during the fourth quarter of 2015, with total shipments reaching between 4-5 million during this quarter. Analysts have not predicted that amount of popularity the large screen slate will be able to garner during the start of 2016, but with the imminent release of Surface Pro 4, it will be an uphill battle for iPad Pro.

As for the hardware specifications, it is expected that iPad Pro will be housing Apple’s A9X SoC, which will deliver far more performance compared to A8X, the SoC that is present in the company’s flagship slate, iPad Air 2. While pricing details of the product are yet to be detailed, we do know that iPad Pro will be bundled with a customized Force Touch stylus.

Will iPad Pro provide notebook users with the perfect substitute? Let us know your thoughts.

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