iPad playing crysis, fake or sign of cloud gaming?

Rizwan Anwer

TechCrunch recently released a video on their YouTube channel showing an iPad playing the ever popular and graphic intensive video game known to everyone in the PC gaming world as "Crysis" the game not only requires a windows OS but even the minimum requirements for the game aren't even met by the iPad, whether this is a fake video or whether the person playing Crysis on the iPad is running it on the upcoming phenomenon known as "Cloud Gaming", can not be known.

Most users are speculating that this is a hoax because cloud gaming has not yet officially begun as the pioneer company "OnLive" will begin operations in the US starting from June 17th 2010. This is the conclusion that is leading people to believe that the video being shown is a very good work of digital editing or is really a demonstration of cloud gaming which will change the entire way we play games today.

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