iPad Mini Retina Delayed – Problems With Screen

Sohaib Ahmad

It is a widely known fact that the iPad mini retina is delayed due to problems in the screen. According to a rumor, the screen manufacturers LG and Sharp are not coming up to the rigorous quality checks set by Apple. Sharps' high resolution IGZO panel which was to be used in the iPad mini retina is facing a huge supply problem.

Burn In Problem Causing iPad Mini Retina Delay

When we dwell into the smaller side of things, problems start to arise. As with the iPad mini retina, the extreme resolution of 2048x1536 on a 7.9 inch screens seems to be the reason behind the burn-in. The main suppliers at the moment are LG and Sharp. Apple will have to ultimately turn to Samsung to fulfill its high demand because it seems LG and Sharp have failed.

ipad mini retina

According to etnews, this burn-in is not noticeable to the human eye but Apple insists that the problem be solved, it is trying hard to come up with a solution ans start negotiations with Samsung.

The iPad Air is in the market now and you can get it at $499 for the base model, if the iPad mini goes on sale in November, it may be plagued by availability issues because of the low supply of the display.

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