iPad Leads Police To Gang Hideout – Technology Triumphs Once Again

Apple’s ‘Find my iPad’ feature is definitely a must have if you are unable to locate your missing slate, or wreck the party of gang creating trouble in a neighborhood. Thanks to the efforts of the police force, and of course an iPad, authorities were able to track down the hideout of a local gang.

iPad Leads Police To Gang Hideout – Technology Triumphs Once Again

Find Out How An iPad And The Help Of Authorities Managed To Figure Out The Location Of A Local Gang Hideout

The ‘Find my iPhone/iPad’ feature is extremely helpful in locating missing devices, and of course finding missing individuals. Earlier this year, authorities were able to locate a kidnapped teen, and several years ago, the exact same feature was also used to accidentally locate items that were worth $350,000 (according to Ubergizmo). Now, on this occasion, local reports have stated that someone had their iPad forcibly stolen from them but thanks to the police using the Find My iPad feature, not only was the stolen device retrieved, but the police hit the nail on hammer with extreme force.

Apple iPad mini

A rented hideout location where members of a notorious gang called Ma Diaw was figured out and the local police managed to apprehend one of the suspects while the rest jumped out the window and into the river in an effort to escape; similar to what see from an action flick. Unfortunately, it did not take long for a manhunt to begin and soon the remaining members of the gang were apprehended by the police.

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The discovery of the location housed several items that were deemed illegal, and included drugs, ammunition, and cash. This shows that in addition to aiding the owner of an iPhone or iPad in attempting to locate the device, it also has other perks, such as aiding the local body to nab criminals and hopefully bring them to justice.


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