The iPad gets a keyboard dock.

Rizwan Anwer

Apple has just announced that they are going to release an add-on keyboard with their iPad which should help resolve various OS related issues bugging users since launch date. Priced at a pretty penny of 69$, it helps MAC users use more common commands like copy, paste, option+delete to delete the previous word and the keyboard even has on-board hot keys such as lock the desktop, change the brightness and back to home screen but you still can't CMD + Tab between apps, which might be fixed in the upcoming OS4. Not to forget, this will make the iPad easier to use in places like your work desk etc or when you simply want to sit on a chair and use your iPad, this is where the keyboard might come in most handy.

The keyboard does help make the iPad more convenient to use and it was expected that Apple should release an accessory for its products after their launch, so if you like using your iPad a lot but dread the touch screen and want the additional features with the keyboard this is a must buy for you.

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