iPad Air Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition

Sohaib Ahmad

The iPad air has been available since available to the public since the first of November, since then it has seen staggering amount of sales. Many Android based tablets have never come close to the iPad's in the past, times have changed since then and now the iPad is not the only tablet out there.

iPad Air In Comparison To The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

The iPad air, by its name is made to be small and compact. It does not fall short of expectations, being slimmer ( 7.6 vs 7.87mm) and  lighter (478 vs 547g) than the Note.

iPad Air Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Both the pads have almost the same footprint. The display size is almost the same, the note being slightly bigger in this aspect ( 0.3 inches). Both the pads have gorgeous displays, the note 10.1 has a higher resolution screen ( 299 vs 264ppi). The 4:3 ratio of the iPad is better for browsing while movies are generally shot in 16:9 so better viewed through the screen on the Note 10.1.


The hardware on both the tablets is top-notch. The iPad air does away with the A7 chipset. This utilizes the new 64 bit cores and the new Armv8 architecture. The note utilizes the older Armv7 architecture via the Snapdragon 800. Both have SOC's which are a force to be reckoned with, although the iPad has the upper hand with its newer processor. A micro-sd slot on the note 10.1 is a welcome sight indeed, rather than being stuck with the onboard flash memory.


While the iPad air has a more refined interface via iOS, the Note runs on the modified Android 4.3. Touch wiz is integrated excessively into it. Touch Wiz is now becoming the most hated of all modifications to android. Both the Tablets have their own application stores, although the Apple App store is more established and has more higher quality apps when it comes to Tablets. Safari has been tried and tested, and has become a formidable browser. The Note's own internet browser is no slouch either but Apple takes the upper hand here.

iPad Air
Note 10.1

There is no clear distinction when it comes to the camera on both devices, however the iPad's picture looks more prettier to the eye, albeit at the loss of color accuracy. The note also manages more detail via its 8 MP camera vs the 5 MP on the iPad air. The video recording capability is nearly the same with the Note producing slightly jittery video while the iPad produces a smooth output with slightly less detail. Anyways, the camera must not be the main point of discussion when judging tablets.

The Battery capacity of the the iPad Air is more ( 8820 vs 8220) than the Note 10.1. Generally iOS devices have brilliant battery life even when the capacity is less. This is the case here as the fine tuned iOS outmatches the Android system when it comes to managing power resources and enables the iPad Air to come on top with better battery life.

People who have dire need of the S pen, or people who fancy installing custom Roms's and like flexibility may consider the Note 10.1. The Android ecosystem coupled with Tocuhwiz makes the Note 10.1 a worth competitor of the iPad Air, but Apple has always been one step ahead of the competition in the tablet department. It has a better payback value. With an impeccable App store and near perfection in all cases considered, the iPad AIr continues Apple's reign successfully.

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