More iPad Air 3 Schematics Show That We Might Be Looking At A Mini iPad Pro

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Last time we reported something about iPad Air 3, the tablet’s case images were revealed, suggesting that the upcoming slate could very well be a smaller version of Apple’s iPad Pro. Here, we look at the schematics and see how far the tech giant will come in order to make that into a reality.

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iPad Air 3 Schematics – Junior iPad Pro In The Making?

iPad Air 3 is expected to be announced during the month of March and according to our previous reports, the slate promises to deliver the same level of processing performance as the company’s 12.9 inch behemoth sized tablet, iPad Pro. Now, the latest leaked schematic shows that Apple has intended its iPad Air 3 to look near identical as the company’s largest tablet. Does that mean we will get to see its accessories as well? While that answer currently remains elusive, one notable thing that we did manage to catch our eye on was the fact that the slate might be incorporated with an LED flash, which will be advantageous when video calling in low-light conditions.

iPad Air 3 is also being referred to as iPad 7; this could mean that Apple could dump the product name altogether now that it unveiled the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Additionally, there are four speakers present in total, indicating that iPad Air 3 can definitely be used as a multimedia powerhouse. As for the hardware specifications, the upcoming tablet is expected to sport the same screen size as its predecessors, with the only difference being that the product is going to sport a 4K display.


However, it should be not be a big deal in terms of performance, because the A9 SoC we reported about earlier will be able to chew up anything thrown in its way, as indicated by the benchmarking results. The only drawback for the processor for pushing out all those pixels on the tablet’s 9.7 inch real estate is that it will take an enormous chunk out of battery life.

Apple iPad Pro

Sure, the SoC will definitely be able to render all those pixels, but with a resolution measuring at 3840 by 2160 pixels, we should expect that the slate should be incorporated with a very large battery capacity, unless of course Apple intends on producing an insanely thin tablet. We will keep you up to date with the latest, but for now, tell us what you think of the upcoming iPad Air 3.

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