iOS Security Flaw Lets Anyone Bypass iPhone Passcode and Access Photos – Siri Bugs Continue

iOS security flaw on iPhone
New iPhone lock screen hack

Hackers can bypass iPhone and iPad security and access your photos and contacts - no password needed!

Anyone can bypass iPhone passcode to access your Photos

A new report from a security researcher reveals an iPhone security flaw that uses Siri to bypass iPhone's passcode. The hacker will, however, need to have physical access to your phone. Attacker also needs to know your phone number for this attack method to work. But, anyone can learn it by asking Siri "who am I?"

Once they know your phone number, hacker needs to call your phone, click on the Message icon from the response choices, and choose to send a custom message as a reply to the incoming call.

The hacker then tells the phone to Turn On VoiceOver using Siri, returning to the message screen. Following a few other simple steps, anyone can manage to get access to your photos and contacts.

You can see this iOS security hack (works on both the iPhone and iPad) in action in the video below:

Remember, this is not a new flaw, as we have previously seen this hack working on different versions of iOS. Most recently, Apple fixed the bug in iOS 9.3.1 where - like the current flaw - Siri allowed access to Photos and Contacts without asking for a passcode.

The latest flaw reportedly works on iOS 8 and later, including 10.2 beta 3. Apple is expected to send a fix in an upcoming software update. In the meanwhile, you can avoid these type of security hacks by disabling Siri on lock screen from Settings > Siri > toggle off Access on Lock Screen.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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