iOS 9.3.2 Beta Fixed ‘White Screen Of Death’ Game Center Bug

Ali Salman

There's a bug in the Game Center that has caused enumerable games to be unplayable for a long time. In the latest iOS 9.3.2 beta update, the standing bug has reportedly been removed. The bug first appeared in iOS 8 and causes the Game Center to launch as a completely white screen. Moreover, it also causes popular game titles to crash to a white screen and also freezes the Settings app when the Game Center option is selected.

ios 9.2.1 beta 2

Apple Seemingly Resolved A Game Center Bug In The First Beta Of iOS 9.3.2

The Game Center in iOS is responsible for many turn-based multiplayer titles to invite friends, compete high scores and start multiplayer games. Since, it is a very important component in terms of multiplayer gaming, many users have faced the aforementioned issues. However, the days of the white screen bug are over with the upcoming release of iOS 9.3.2.

TouchArcade notes that the 'white screen of death' bug has been fixed in the iOS 9.3.2 beta update. It notes:

Well, community members of ours who are brave enough to install beta iOS system updates have reported that Game Center is once again working for them in the iOS 9.3.2 beta. Now, before getting too excited, it's important to have a hefty dose of realism with all this: The Game Center bug is a vicious beast, and many people on our forums have thought they slayed it, only to have it return inside of a couple days. I'm cautiously optimistic, but by no means ready to strike up the band and declare the Game Center bug fixed.

The most recent post on the forum thread suggests that the bug in Game Center has been fixed that has been causing problem for ample mobile gamers. However, there have been no official updates from Apple regarding the issue so let's just wait and watch what the company has to say about it.

iOS 9.3.2 beta one was publicly released last Thursday, a single day after it was released to developers and beta testers. If you want to receive Apple's beta updates, you can sign in through the company's beta testing website. So if you're willing to receive beta updates from Apple, participate it through the company's beta program that allows users to receive betas for both iOS and OS X.

This is it for now, folks. Have you been a victim of the 'white screen of death' Game Center bug? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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