iOS 8.2 Released – Brings Apple Watch Support And Bug Fixes

Since a lot of time has passed since its development, iOS 8.2 is now finally released to all of the supported devices excluding the iPod Touch fifth generation model and the first generation. The devices which run iOS 8 can update their OS from the Settings tap.

Talking about the feature that this update brought covers major portion of the Apple Watch. Since Apple Watch has finally been announced, a dedicated app is pre-loaded for all the iPhones which will be used to download Watch related applications. Even though the update constitutes all devices running the iOS but the companion app does not support iPad and iPod since they are not part of the Apple Watch and hence cannot be connected to it.

What Improvements Does iOS 8.2 Have?

Although you will not be allowed to use the Apple Watch's Companion app, you will still be benefited to upgrade your iDevice. This is due to the reason that HomeKit is also a new application which will allow the users to control their devices at home. There is also a new Health app introduced in the iOS 8.2 with major bug fixes which were present in the iOS 8's first release. A new flyover feature is added to the Mail and bugs in the Music app have been fixed for stability. The remaining Bug Fixes and additions are as follows.

Improved Health App

  • Addition of unit to measure body temperature, height, weight, blood glucose and distance
  • Stability to handle larger data
  • Addition 3rd party apps'visualization and health sessions
  • Fixed the issue to add photo to your medical ID
  • Mineral and Vitamin units are fixed
  • The health data can now refresh with changes made
  • bug fixes for no data in graphical mode
  • Enhanced privacy setting that enables turning off tracking distance, steps and flight climbs

Bug Fixes For Stability

  • Mail stability increased
  • Stability of flyovers in Maps improved
  • Music Stability improved
  • Enhanced VoiceOver Reliability
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids improved.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Favorite location navigation issue fixed
  • Fixed the issue of last word not auto-corrected in quick reply message
  • Duplicate purchase in iTune issue is fixed
  • Music and playlist not syncing with iTunes issue fixed
  • Fixed the issue of deleted audio books showing up again
  • Fixed the issue that prevented routing the call audio to car speaker when using Siri Eyes Free
  • Bluetooth issue fixed which caused no audio to be heard until the call is answered
  • Calender entry appear in GMT, timezone issue fixed
  • Fixed the issue of dropping certain reoccurring events from exchange calender
  • Certificate error fixed which prevented configuration of exchange accounts at the back o third party gateway
  • Fixed the Overwritten exchange meeting notes issue
  • Automatic 'busy' sign after accepting invite in calender entries is fixed.

There were a lot of products introduced on Apple's Spring Forward Event which you can find out by visiting our website. For any questions relating to the iOS 8.2 update, put them in the comments below

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