iOS 16 to Get New ‘Clean Energy Charging’ Feature Later This Year, Apple Aims to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

iOS 16 to Get New ‘Clean Energy Charging’ Feature Later This Year, Here Is It Will Benefit the Environment

A new feature arriving later this year to iOS 16 users is ‘Clean Energy Charging’, and if there was a way to optimize charging based on the kind of power coming through the cable, this option would allow it.

Unfortunately, The New iOS 16 Feature Will Only Be Available for U.S. Users

Alongside the boatload of changes and other additions arriving with iOS 16, one of them is ‘Clean Energy Charging’, and the following information spotted on Apple’s press release highlights how it works.

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“Clean Energy Charging aims to decrease the carbon footprint of the iPhone by optimizing charging times for when the grid is using cleaner energy sources.”

Apple has been aiming to conserve the environment, which is why the company claims it stopped selling power bricks and wired earpods when it launched the iPhone 12 family back in 2020. The ‘Clean Energy Charging’ feature will likely reduce Apple’s iPhone range’s carbon footprint.

It is also interesting to note that Apple had not spoken of this feature prior to its official announcements, nor did we spot it in any report or rumor, so it is a job well done by the technology giant to keep it under wraps. However, as most of you know, not all compatible iPhones get the latest suite of iOS 16 features, so it is unclear if Apple has planned the same for its ‘Clean Energy Charging’ feature.

Assuming the ‘Clean Energy Charging’ feature exists as a standard, the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max launched in 2018 will get it.

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