Top 5 iOS 16 Features You Should Try First

Top 5 features in iOS 16 for iPhone.

iOS 16 is now available for download, and you have to try out these 5 new features on your iPhone before doing anything else.

Installed iOS 16 and Confused What to do First? Don't Worry, Here are the 5 Features You Should Try Out First

For some, iOS 16 might prove to be an overwhelming update because it's the first time ever Apple is giving users complete control over their Lock Screen, which is simply amazing. So, before you get confused about what you should try out in the new software first, allow us to make things fun for you.

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Meet the New Lock Screen

The new iOS 16 Lock Screen can be customized as much as your imagination. Give it a shot.

When you install iOS 16 for the first time, tap and hold on the Lock Screen, and you'll jump straight into edit view. Here, you can choose your wallpaper, choose the color style, the font and color of the information being shown on the Lock Screen, and so much more. It's entirely up to you how creative you can get with this feature.

You can even create multiple Lock Screens, too. Just tap and hold on the Lock Screen, swipe left, and then tap on the giant and unmissable + button. You can have multiple screens for multiple occasions. Maybe one for the gym, one for work, and one for times when you are hyping up a new movie.

Lock Screen Widgets

Keep up with the battery, activity rings, and more straight from the Lock Screen.

You can have tiny little widgets on the Lock Screen, too. They are super handy and give you a quick glimpse of things like calendar, activity rings, the battery life of your AirPods, weather, and so much more. There are tons to choose from, and you can have a wide array of them at your disposal thanks to multiple Lock Screens.

Edit and Delete Texts from iMessage

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Edit or delete text messages in iMessage. Super handy.

Ever sent an embarrassing text you wish you could have edited or deleted? You can do that in iOS 16. Just tap and hold on the text you wish to edit or delete and then tap on Edit or Undo Send. But remember, you get a limited period of time for this. You can edit a text within 15 minutes of sending it or delete a text within 2 minutes of sending it.

Live Text for Video

Copying text from a video has never been this easy, thanks to Live Text for Video.

Remember that super cool feature in iOS 16 that lets you copy text from photos and images? Yes, that. Picture that again, but for video.

That's right, Live Text now works with video, and if you want to get a string of text from a video and save it somewhere else for later, you can totally do that with iOS 16.

Use Keyboard and Dictation Together for Typing

Talk and type at the same time and get your words in.

Ever wondered if you could use both the keyboard and dictation at the same time? iOS 16 lets you do that. Just tap on the Dictation button in the bottom right corner, and the feature is enabled instantly. Start talking and then typing or vice versa. It's a super fun way to do both at the same time.

Honorable Mention - Fitness App for iPhone

Fitness app lets you track your daily activity without an Apple Watch.

Yes, yes - the Fitness app has been around for a long time now. But only if you have an Apple Watch. If you don't, you can still track your calories, steps, and more to achieve your goals. Of course, it's limited in features, but it's a great way to keep track of your daily activity. Who knows, the app might bait you into buying an Apple Watch down the line. Just putting it out there.

There are a ton of other features to try out in iOS 16, but these are the first ones you should dig your fingers into. They are easy to get started with, and some of the obvious changes that will get you excited for the new update.

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