iOS 15 Says No to Lens Flare With Automatic Removal in Certain Conditions


Apple is expected to launch its flagship iPhone series next month alongside a handful of software. iOS 15 will bring a boatload of new additions to the table and while visual changes are there, under the hood improvements play a major role. In the latest beta of iOS 15. it has been discovered that the build will automatically remove lens flare from photos.

iOS 15 Automatically Removes Lens Flare From Photos Taken on iPhone, Enhancing the Image Quality

iOS 15 will greatly improve how users take photos with their iPhones. While the camera hardware plays a major role, Apple's on-device image processing is done by Image Signal Processing. The processing will now do its part to remove the lens flare from photos on iOS 15. What this means is that Apple is working on improving the processing performance of iOS 15 which will have a major impact on the final result.

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The new change was first spotted on Reddit and shared by the iPhone camera app Halide on Twitter. Two images were compared side by side, revealing the post-processing photo on the latest beta. It can be seen how iOS 15 handles lens flare on the iPhone after processing. One user shared his thoughts on Reddit about the scenario that reads:

So I've noticed something that I haven't seen reported elsewhere; whilst out and about I took this photo and thought it was ruined/needing to be edited later due to the lens flare (as I've done numerous times in previous photos with the iPhone 12 Pro as it's so prone to lens flares). However, I got home and noticed the lens flare has automatically gone in the original photo despite it being obviously there still in the live photo, meaning the automatic post processing has gotten smart enough to remove lens flares now!

This is something that Apple has not highlighted on stage when it first debuted iOS 15 at its WWDC event. iOS 15 is still in the beta phase and the beta phase and we can expect more changes and improvements to follow other than lens flare in the coming days. iOS 15 will be available to the general public later this year after the company is done announcing its new iPhone 13 series.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you think Apple competes with Google when it comes to image processing? Share your insights with us in the comments.