iOS 13 GM, iOS 13.1 Beta Reveal AR Headset Evidence That Apple’s Allegedly Working On


Apple has apparently been trying to make an AR headset set since quite a long time if the rumors are to be believed. However, as Tim Cook had said before, the company will not start selling an AR product until it’s satisfied that it will provide a great experience. However, going by some snippets in iOS 13 beta and iOS 13 GM (golden master), it is quite evident that the Cupertino based company is actively testing an AR headset.

Thanks to 9to5Mac‘s Gui Rambo and developer Troughton-Smith, plenty of proofs have been dug up from the iOS 13 beta and iOS 13 GM that towards an AR headset being tested by Apple. The company apparently wants to bring Stereo AR to iOS and has reportedly been testing it with two of its own headsets codenamed Luck and Franc and one third party gear, HoloKit.

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Both Gui and Troughton-Smith have discovered the StarBoardServices framework for the Stereo AR in the iOS 13 GM and iOS 13.1 beta 3. StarBoard is basically Apple’s system shell for Stereo AR apps. Apparently, the device in question will be more like an iPhone accessory that can be slotted into an iPhone. It will be something along the lines of Samsung Gear VR, Google’s Cardboard and Google’s Daydream.

On the iPhone, the Stereo AR apps will supposedly work the same way as CarPlay and it will be possible to run the apps in either a hand-held mode or the worn-mode. Troughton-Smith has also found a readme document within iOS 13 GM that details how the Stereo AR apps can run without the company’s AR headset. He also says that the iOS 13 code references a game controller than can be used with the AR apps.

As for when the Stereo AR and the associated headsets are coming out, it seems Apple wanted to unveil them yesterday but decided against it. The developers note that AR Stereo references have not been removed for iOS 13 GM and iOS 13.1 beta 3, which means work is still being done. According to a previous prediction from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the AR headset will be produced this year and shipped in the next, by 2020, but even now, Apple has yet to tease such a product, so we wonder if it will be unveiled as a teaser this year.