iOS 13.5 Stacked Up Against iOS 13.4.1 in a Speed Test Comparison – Video

iOS 13.5 Speed test

Apple released its latest iOS 13.5 software update for all iPhone and iPad users. The update brings major additions to the table, like the inclusion of the Exposure Notifications pertaining to the COVID-19 contact tracing API. However, this is not all because the company did implement several refinements under the hood. This makes us question how iOS 13.5 stacks up against iOS 13.4.1 in a speed test comparison?

Here's How iOS 13.5 Compares Against iOS 13.4.1 in a Speed test Comparison - Overall Refinements Can be Observed

To answer how the new update compares against the older, a new speed test is conducted by the YouTube channel iAppleBytes. The test indicates what the new update has in store if we're talking about day to day performance, app launch times, bootup speed, and more.

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iOS 13.5 speed test is conducted on older iPhone models starting from iPhone SE to the iPhone XR. This will give you a pretty good idea if you're resisting to update. With the iPhone XR also part of the bunch, you can also see whether the new software brings any improvements to the table.

On the older iPhone SE, the bootup speed was faster on iOS 13.5. Animations look smooth on the first look and app launch time is comparatively shorter on the latest build. Moreover, apps load faster but not by a huge margin. Overall, you should update to the latest iOS 13.5 for better performance on your iPhone SE as can be seen in the speed test.

On the iPhone 6s, the bootup time was more or less similar but overall fluidity is pretty evident. However, the performance was pretty similar through as we talk about app launch time, transitions, and animations' fluidity. This isn't something that you should be worried about, you should still update to the latest build because you will be getting the latest features as part of the mix as well.

On the iPhone 7, iOS 13.5 boots up less than a second late. The rest of the user experience pertaining to app launch time, transitions, and animations remain fluid much like iPhone 6s. This means that the performance is on par with the older build.

The iPhone 8 boots up faster on the iPhone 8, as per the speed test. Moreover, the rest of the performance remains the same as apps launch at the same time. There's no reason not to resist the update as you get new features with the build and you can see that iOS 13.5 is a step in the right direction.

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Lastly, iOS 13.5 on the iPhone XR boots up faster on iOS 13.4.1 with a negligible margin. However, the rest of the experience is better on iOS 13.5 as depicted by the speed test. In my view, there were fewer lags, even though the app launch time was the same.

You can check out the video embedded above to see the iOS 13.5 speed test comparison against iOS 13.4.1. That's all there is to the comparison folks. Do let us know how is your device holding up on the latest build and what changes have you experienced.

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