iOS 13.2 is bricking HomePods because of a boot loop issue


Apple released its much awaited iOS 13.2 update for HomePod today with features like voice recognition, sleep timers and handoff support. However, things don’t seem all good. Many users have been reporting that iOS 13.2 is bricking their HomePods, leaving it with a boot loop showing a white animation and no way to factory reset.

2019 has been a horrible year for Apple’s software quality. All operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS have suffered from buggy and broken updates.

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This new issue is being discussed on Reddit and a number of people have had their HomePods turned into paperweights. As per the main thread on r/HomePod by user VALIDNULL:

I’m on with apple support now. So the update in the beginning pretty much killed Apple Music for me, so I went to unpair it/remove from the home app. Now I have a white spinning light at the top. I have even tried the factory reset method of unplugging it for five seconds and hold till red. It doesn’t even give a prompt that it’s factory restoring and the red light just resets and white spinning again after 5 seconds...

The user later shared an update that Apple is going to replace the HomePod since they could not find any solution to the issue. Note that Apple Music had also gone down temporarily today so that issue is unrelated.

This is the animation that users see when their HomePod is bricked:

Another user on Reddit shared that unplugging, re-pairing with iPhone or attempting to factory reset didn’t help:

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I can confirm. HomePod is bricked now and won't reset. Only after updating to audioOS 13.2. No resets, unplugging, removing from HomeKit, etc. has helped. Spinning white circle and attempt to reset will turn the LED red but will return back to white spinning circle. ****ing ridiculous company that releases these products.

More users have shared their experience that Apple will be either replacing or repairing their HomePod:

My update worked but the voice recognition wasn’t working so I removed it from Apple home. Then I tried to factory reset it and boom. Hit a brick wall. Quite literally. Home pod is now bricked. Been into support earlier this evening and they are sending me a box to send it in for repair.

In case you have not updated your HomePod yet, we suggest that you don’t, until Apple shares an update. If you are already stuck with a bricked HomePod, you should call Apple and report the issue. You might need to visit the Apple Store to get a replacement unit.

UPDATE: Apple has pulled the update. We will update further once Apple shares details.