iOS 11 Beta 4 Brings New App Icons, Pull Down To Refresh App Store Gesture And More


Apple had seen fit to release the fourth beta of its upcoming iOS 11 firmware yesterday. The update is expected to arrive this fall alongside the much hyped iPhone 8. Overall, iOS 11 features major changes throughout the operating system ranging from under the hood performance enhancements to visual variations. While Apple has released three iOS 11 beta builds, the fourth beta brings quite a handful of forward facing additions to the table including the pull down to refresh gesture in the App Store and new app icons. So lets dive in to see some more details on iOS 11 beta 4.

iOS 11 Beta 4 Brings Visual Changes Throughout The Operating System

As to begin with, Apple has introduced new icons for three apps - Notes, Contacts and the Reminders app. In addition to this, users should note that some of the app icons carry bugs that alter certain details. For instance, the bullets in the Reminders app are inverted for some users, displaying on the opposite side of the app icon. However, this issue will be soon fixed in the betas to come, so there's no need to worry about it. Apart from this, in the Settings app, Apple has also introduced a new icon for Contacts. However, unlike the app icons, the Notes and Reminder icon remains the same in Settings in iOS 11 beta 4.

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iOS 11

Secondly, Apple has also included a new feature in the App Store - a pulling downward gesture to refresh the App Store's Updates tab. Performing the downward swipe in the Updates tab of the App Store will refresh the page, which will ultimately display the most recent content available regarding the updates. As innumerable apps are updated everyday, it would be neat to see them readily available, if the updates are yet not being displayed.

Apart from this, iOS 11 beta 4 also brings quite a handful of other changes as well. Some of them includes a much more pronounced and bolder Wi-Fi icon located on the upper right hand side of the display. In Settings, the Accounts & Password icon is changed as well, displaying a vertical key instead of horizontal. There are other changes in the Notification Center and Settings, so do check them out and let us know if you find more. Overall, we can see that most of the changes are visual and they're definitely welcome.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple's latest iOS 11 beta 4? Do you think the new visual changes will enhance the overall iOS experience? Share your views in the comments.