iOS 11.4 for HomePod Released with AirPlay 2, Multi-Speaker Pairing and More


Alongside iOS 11.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod users, Apple has released a new firmware update for the HomePod as well.

Apple Finally Delivers on its AirPlay 2 and Stereo-Pairing Promise with iOS 11.4 for HomePod

Though some might dismiss the HomePod as an overpriced Siri-enabled speaker, but for Apple it's a game-changing music-toting beast. Today, the company is updating its software to iOS 11.4, which adds the brand new AirPlay 2 protocol as well as stereo-pairing, taking the speaker's credentials to a whole new level.

Apple to Launch Updated HomePod in New Size in Late 2022 or Early 2023

Before we go ahead with the details, you can check out our guide here on how to update the HomePod to the latest firmware update.

AirPlay 2 takes things further by allowing users to stream the same content onto multiple sources. The original AirPlay protocol was not able to do that for some reason. But now, if you wish to play the same tune throughout your house through multiple AirPlay-enabled speakers, you can do just that.

Stereo pairing feature has been added to the mix as well. This means that you actually utilize the HomePod as an individual channel for epic stereo effect throughout the environment, provided you have multiple HomePod speakers at home. Obviously, this feature is geared towards users who bought at least two HomePods.

Of course, there's the usual assortment of bug fixes and performance enhancements in this release as well something which should please every single user out there.

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