Io-Interactive Plays Through Hitman ‘Showstopper’ Mission, Shows Off Environment and Stealth

Square Enix and Io-Interactive have just release the first full play through of the Showstopper mission that takes place in Paris as part of their upcoming Hitman game.

Stealth and blending in seem to be key in the large dynamic environments of Hitman.

The community manager Travis Barbour walks us through the entire mission and he even explains the mission dossier and all the specifics leading up to the mission. The Parisian mission was chosen as the showcase because of the many different ways in which it can be approached.

Choice is the hallmark of the series. Do you throw caution to the wind and simply brute force your way to the target? Or do you play a bit more creatively and choose your path to Vicktor Novikov with more forethought? Travis shows us how the dynamic and near living environment can be best used to our advantage.

Traps can be set, disguises worn and the entire map consists of a playground, of sorts, for 47 to find his way to his target. In one scene we see him disguised as a waiter as he makes his way up to a second floor to set up the finale. The option to be incredibly violent is always a button press away.

Something new to the series are how those disguises work. Obviously they're not free pass to explore everything unnoticed. Now there are characters that are able to see through any disguise that you have on. There are also what they're calling 'enforcers', characters indicated with triangles over their head that can see through individual disguises associated to whatever you're wearing. Suppose their akin to a tight knit group of bodyguards that know all of their personnel, so you certainly can't fool them with that smooth bald head.

Thus far, though we've seen variations of this footage from various sources and it seems to be a good example of the gameplay styles that the new Hitman will allow us to enjoy. It may very well be bringing the series back to its roots.

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