inXile Entertainment Giving Back to Returning Backers for Bard’s Tale IV


inXile Entertainment has been very successful on Kickstarter as of late. Three of their projects have passed their initial funding goals by quite a bit, so in response to the overwhelming positive fan reception they're instituting a loyalty reward program to give back to the fans that have helped them towards realizing their dreams with The Bard's Tale IV.

inXile Entertainment will reward you handsomely if you back The Bard's Tale IV after backing their other projects on Kickstarter, with six complete games.

Essentially, if you come back to back The Bard's Tale IV after having already been nice enough to help fund their other two projects, Torment: Tides of Numenera and Wasteland 2, then you'' receive a total of six games from them as a thank you for your patronage.

  • All returning Torment: Tides of Numenera or Wasteland 2 backers who also back The Bard's Tale IV no later than June 26th, 12:00 AM PST, will receive a selection of exclusive gifts as additional thanks for their generous support.
  • Al backers in the $33 tier and above will receive both Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 with pledges, redeemable on GOG.com at the conclusion of The Bard’s Tale IV.
  • This is in addition to the other free extras previously offered including the recently announced re-release of The Bard's Tale I-III Trilogy for all backers $20 and above, regardless of whether they backed previous inXile games.

The bonus rewards are particularly interesting and include a number of actually quite thoughtful items. You can select to receive the novella companion for all three games, comic books, concept art or even the soundtrack.

  • Digital Torment Novella Compilation
  • Digital Torment Comic Compilation
  • Digital Wasteland 2 Novella Compilation
  • Digital Torment Concept Art Book
  • Digital Torment Soundtrack
  • Digital Wasteland 2 Concept Art Book
  • Digital The Bard’s Tale IV Soundtrack
  • Digital “History of The Bard’s Tale” Novella Compilation
  • Digital The Bard’s Tale IV novellas

The Bards Tale originally released in 1985 and was instantly a cult classic, gaining more support than Interplay could have ever dreamed. inXile Entertainment has access to all the original assets, names and content in order to bring back the beloved dungeon crawler with all of the traditional elements that we'd expect. The Bard's Tale IV is going to be a true sequel to the originals that shocked the world so many years ago.