All The Introverts Out There Can Bid Their Privacy Goodbye As Instagram Does A Facebook And Adds A Feature Hated By Most

Activity indicator

I joined Instagram a little while ago and I loved the ‘privacy’ that came with it. No one knew I was online, no one knew how long ago I was online and basically no one would know that I was ignoring their messages while being online. All those who loved this, say ‘aye’. I bet many of you did. Well, I have some bad news for all the unsocial people. Instagram is snatching away this right from us! Yes, you read that right. Instagram was updated earlier today and it has added a new feature that is no longer going to let us do all this.

Please Instagram Don't Take Away The Privacy

With the new feature, it will be displayed when you were last active and the new activity indicator can be accessed via the direct messages part of the app. In this section, where the name is displayed, you will be able to see when the person was last active. It is similar to what is seen on Facebook. So, ready for this change?

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The activity indicator is by default enabled on the app and is apparently limited to the people with whom you have had chats previously. Your online status will be visible to people you follow or the people with whom you interacted on DMs. The information is not accessible to general followers. Is that a relief or are you like me and regretting the chats you ever had on Instagram?
You can hide this status as well and turn it off in the settings sections under a new option ‘Show Activity Status’. By disabling it you will no longer allow people to view when you're online and in return you won’t be able to view when they are online either. This feature has been rolled out pretty quietly for both iOS and Android users.

Activity indicator

Things don’t end here. It seems that the company is testing another feature called ‘Type’. This will allow users to share text-only posts using Instagram Stories. It is similar to the one on Facebook. This feature isn’t yet available for everyone. The Type button will be visible next to the Instagram Stories camera options and will have several fonts and background options to go with it.

So, what do you think about this? You up for the change or are you against it? Will you miss ignoring people without any stress or are you fine with it? Let us know.

News Source: Instagram Adds New Feature Showing When You Were Last Active

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