Introducing A New Chapter Here At Wccftech


WCCF's roots have their humble beginnings as a simple discussion forum back in 2004. The idea was to become a small tech community. Well, over a decade, our ideals changed, we have since strived to become something bigger and better. As of today, Wccftech is amongst the top 50th most commented on websites on the world wide web. It has also managed to carve a niche in technology news reporting, where it excels.

This is not just a design change, but a major step in the evolution of WCCF as a technology publication

The way we brought news to you however, was something that had become a relic of our past. So as of today, we are introducing the new face of Wccftech. We have embraced our community and taken the various suggestions dropped over the course of many years. We have used all of that information to develop the new and improved Wccftech, that you will see from today. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new logo and mascot.

It is not just a new theme, but a culmination of various technologies put in place to make it easier for our readership to read and interact more. It's an on-going effort so you will continue to find different features pop-up on the site over time.

The change in appearance is reflected by deeper and far reaching changes in our philosophy as well. That said however, we will be looking to our readers to report any bugs they run into so we can correct them asap.

We are also working towards introducing our mobile apps for Apple App Store and Google Play Store within a month, so keep an eye out for those. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Wccftech 2.0 is now in open beta.