Internet Explorer 9 + Gorillaz = WIN?

Rizwan Anwer

The unlikeliest of partnerships finally happened, no Adobe and Apple are still at it I am talking about the recent friend ship between "The Gorillaz" and Microsoft. The alternative rock band showed off the features of Microsoft's very recent Internet Explorer 9 the video is 7 minutes of Gorillaz history followed by the commentator showing off Internet Explorer 9 from the new house of the Gorillaz called the Plastic Beach which is also the name of their newest album known as "Escape to Plastic Beach" It's a very clever move that Microsoft chose to use these CGI animated rock symbols to approve of the release of their new web browser (Its amazing to see that Gorillaz are Windows 7 fans, lol) While Internet Explorer failed to impress me with previous versions there are some upsides to this version, Microsoft has promised that GPU acceleration with this browser has improved and with the first browser to use HTML 5 I will definitely give the beta a go. Though Microsoft is infamous for leaving security holes in their softwares if they manage to patch things up in this than I am certain that users will definitely choose this over Flash.

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