Internet Explorer 8 Becomes The Most Popular Browser Starting 2010

The start of 2010 and we see Microsoft in heap of trouble with a security loop hole in its Internet Explorer 6 browser. The hole which provided an opportunity to hackers to get into Google and 30 other top technology firm's websites, including Adobe. Although Microsoft patched up the breach with a new security update but Google decided to part ways with IE6 but along the lines thought of ceasing support for Firefox 2.0, Chrome 3.0 and Safari 2.0.

In January 2010, however, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 became the most popular browser for the masses, as people started porting their IE 6 to IE8. This massive movement provided Microsoft IE8 to gain 22.31 percent of the market share, leaving behind its most successful sibling, the IE 6.0.

It was not only IE8 which gained the market but due to the issue with IE6, Firefox, Safari and Chrome got an opportunity to gain more grounds in the browser market. Although IE8 got the biggest chunk, but over all Microsoft's market share declined as compared to December 2009 (66.92 percent) to 62.19 percent.

Firefox's overall market share went from 23.29 to 24.41 percent whereas Google Chrome rose to 3.92 percent of the market share.


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