Intel’s Dispute Finder brings Web 2.0 styled Civil War

Uzair Sajid

Okay when I say Civil War, I mean civilized exchange of heated comments. And when I say Web 2.0 styled, it means you can add links, cite sources to your claims and give it the works. Back on the topic, Intel's research team introduced a new way to keep track of all the fraudulent content on the interwebs. Dispute Finder (nicknamed Bullshit Filter by Venture Beat's Dean Takahashi), was showcased at the Intel Research Day exhibition at Mountain View, California. This simple Firefox extension highlights disputed content on websites to warn you about the consequences which you may incur should you decide to use that information for your personal goals.

Ok so its not that simple really. The idea is that when you encounter a piece of text or some other content which you think is false, you can highlight it and report it as disputed along with your concerns for the dispute. Soon afterwards, other web geeks (who would have nothing better to do on the internet) would join in on the case and make arguments or counter-arguments on the issue.

When a normal user lands on the page (and has the extension installed), he would see the disputed text highlighted, and can also click on it to see the detailed dispute (and join in). Here is a little video of the plugin in action, courtesy of Venture Beat.

Intel's bullshit filter exposes disputed web information from Dean Takahashi on Vimeo.

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