Intel’s Six Core i7 990X to be Released in Q1 2011.


We already posted back in August that Intel was preparing a new Extreme Edition Processor to be named Core i7 990X Extreme which would be released in Q1 2011. The Chip is to be built on Westmere 32nm Architecture and would feature upto Six Cores.

The Processor would run at a stock speed of 3.46GHz and can turbo overclock upto 3.73Ghz on all of its six cores. The CPU will have a TDP of 130W and will provide Tri-Channel DDR3 memory support along with 12MB of Cache. The CPU will be priced at 999$+ and will feature 12 Hyper Threaded Threads which act the same as an individual core. The CPU will be the fastest Processor on the planet featuring blistering levels of performance. Expect it to be released by March 2011.

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