Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake Laptops Can Boot On or Off Depending On Your Proximity To The PC

Jason R. Wilson
Intel's 13th Gen Raptor Lake Laptops Can Boot On or Off Depending On Your Proximity To The PC 1
Intel Wi-Fi Proximity Sensing. Image source: Jason R. Wilson, Wccftech. All other rights reserved.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, your system will wake up as you move closer to it and go to sleep once you are finished and walking away without you commanding it or manually placing the system to standby. Who needs "wake words" like Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and others? Intel doesn't think you will with their new technology in the latest 13th Gen Raptor Lake PCs.

Intel's new Wi-Fi sensing technology in Raptor Lake will now know when you're near and when you're away, as long as you are willing to activate the feature

Intel's new Wi-Fi feature, Wi-Fi Proximity Sensing, uses specific Wi-Fi frequency changes to know when you are nearing the system or walking away from it. Currently, the tech is only available in the new 13th Core Gen processors, so anyone with an older processor will not be able to access the feature.

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The technology in the Wi-Fi network interface silicon, located deep within the processor, will require additional communication from the operating system for the process to activate. Intel will roll out drivers that will enable the technology soon. The video below demonstrates the Wi-Fi Sensing technology in action, located at Intel's lab in Haifa, Israel.

Intel has not commented on if it will detect only humans or if pets, such as dogs or cats, will set off the communication to the system, causing it to turn on by accident. Another scenario that could arise is spending long hours at your system if the machine knows you are still there, especially with a lack of movement or changes in frequency during breaks.

The new feature will not cost additional money, and the company sees the unique ability of its processors to assist with the efficient reduction of power consumed by the system.

Recently, both single-thread and multi-threaded benchmarks appeared online, showing the performance of the new series from Intel. However, The release date for Raptor Lake is still unknown. Still, with their Innovation 2022, this week and the official announcement of the Arc A7 GPU series, the release of the new Intel processors may be just around the corner.

News Source: PC Gamer

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