Intel Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt to conclude soon with 300 free Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs still available


Last October, Intel announced the Intel Xe-HPG Scavenger Hunt to their fans, offering up to 300 ARC Alchemist graphics cards for free.

Three hundred Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs are still available as the Intel Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt arrives at its finish

Ten correct answers from the questions posted to social media and their website will win one of their new discrete graphics cards, the Intel ARC Alchemist. Other prizes, including a Performance-level graphics card by Intel, swag by the company, or a six-month subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service, are available for those that were not lucky enough to win the initial ARC Alchemist model. Another prize to be won is a six-month subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service.

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Currently, four of the ten questions dropped yesterday, each posting every six hours until Intel revealed the last question. Participants have until the end of this month, January 31st, to answer all questions and enter them on the official scavenger hunt website. All questions are related to a clue that winners can reveal in any tweets posted during a particular time after the question is displayed. Intel utilizes up to nine different Twitter accounts found on the contest page.

Winners not lucky enough to achieve the grand prize or first place also have earnings they can win. Up to 1,000 second-place winners will obtain a voucher for $100 off an Intel ARC Alchemist card after the official launch, and 2,000 third-place winners will acquire a $50 voucher from Intel. Voucher winners will be able to redeem their earnings from one of the company's official third-party manufacturers. In total, Intel plans to award up to $430,000 worth of prizes.

With the GPU market still stagnant at present, winning any of the awards from Intel is fantastic for users. The odds of being one of the top 300 winners are incredibly narrow. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful opportunity for users to have the ability to win a new premium graphics processor, as well as vouchers to be used on Intel products and more.

Intel announced the launch of the ARC Alchemist discrete graphics cards at CES 2022, with an expected launch date this year. The Xe-HPG Alchemist GPU utilizes a Xe-Core technology. The Xe-Core is considered a compute block composed of 16 Vector Engines (256-bit per engine) and 16 Matrix Engines (1024-bit per engine). Each Vector Engine comprises 8 ALUs, with 128 ALUs per Xe-Core. Each Matrix Engine block is about the XMX block, which will control tensor operations in both FP16 and INT8 modes. The Xe-Core will also feature a dedicated L1 cache.

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