Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPUs Delayed Till January 2023, Expected To Be Outsold By AMD’s EPYC CPUs

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Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon CPU Die Shot (Image Credits: (@CarstenSpille)
Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP Xeon CPU Die Shot (Image Credits: (@CarstenSpille)

UPDATED 11-2-2022, 15:00:00 CDT (UTC -5): A spokesperson for Intel has confirmed that the company is increasing production to meet the January 10th launch date. The official statement from Intel reads, "As we shared at earnings, Sapphire Rapids volume SKUs are product release qualified with a very strong volume ramp expected across all SKUs.  In fact, we just announced our January 10th launch timing today.”

ORIGINAL STORY 11-2-2022, 08:00:00 CDT (UTC -5): Intel was set to release the Intel 7-based Sapphire Rapids CPUs in the last quarter of this year, but it is recently shown that the new server processors will not hit mass production until the first half of 2023 while AMD has its next-gen EPYC chips pitted for unveil next week. This information is mainly part of poor adoption in the industry, and the Sapphire Rapids MCC die showing to be problematic and flawed.

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Intel delays Sapphire Rapids data center CPUs until next year; AMD is picking up the pieces and offering suitable options for OEMs and CSPs with their x86 processors

The global market research and consulting firm Trendforce reported recently that the Intel 7 manufacturing technology yield has only reached fifty percent. The company's enterprise clients were assured increased and enhanced performance with Sapphire Rapids and its Intel 7 manufacturing technology. Still, with the chips being delayed, it is unknown if Intel will maintain the new expected timeframe without further issues.

Another factor for Intel's delay is the supply of FPGA devices manufactured by the company's Altera division. The supply problems stem from low-end devices used for dual-socket systems. Most companies have to depend on single-socket servers at the current time. Intel has attempted to replace the current FPGA with Lattice CPLDs, but unfortunately for the company, it is having difficulties achieving adequate replacement supplies.

AMD will most likely benefit from the issues with Intel with the company's x86 server processors, which have already shown a fifteen percent increase this year. AMD anticipates that sales will increase by eight percent by next year to as high as twenty-three percent, reports Trendforce.

AMD's x86 data center processors offer higher core counts than Intel has promised clients and may explain why more companies and clients choose to go with the former. Another issue raised is the total cost of ownership (TCO). Since companies need to estimate the expenses required for purchasing, transporting, utilizing, and finally replacing the chips after a lengthy period, companies may look at reliability in cost, even if AMD's products sell for higher. That guarantee of longevity and accuracy with the company's technology may limit Intel's placement in the marketplace over the next few years.

Not only that but AMD is expected to unveil its next-generation EPYC Genoa CPUs based on the Zen 4 core architecture next week.

Intel has said that they will host the official launch event for the 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Family on the 10th of January but it seems unlikely that this will be a proper volume push since Pat Gelsinger recently hinted that both Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids will ramp around the same time in 2H 2023.

AMD EPYC Genoa vs Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids-SP Server CPU Platforms

Server FamilyAMD EPYC GenoaIntel Xeon Sapphire Rapids-SP
Process Node5nmIntel 7
CPU ArchitectureZen 4Golden Cove
L2 Cache1 MB Per Core (Up To 96 MB)2 MB Per Core (Up To 112 MB)
L3 Cache384 MB105 MB
Memory SupportDDR5-5200DDR5-4800
Memory Capacity12 TB8 TB
Memory Channels12-Channel8-Channel
TDP Range (PL1)320W350W
TDP Range (Max)700W764W
Socket SupportLGA 6096 'SP5'LGA 4677 'Socket P'
Flagship SKUEPYC 9664Xeon Platinum 8480H
Launch2H 20222H 2022

News Source: TrendForce

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