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Intel Rumored To Release Alder Lake-S and Alder Lake-P vPRO Models Q1 2022


This morning, an anonymous source contacted hardware site VideoCardz with information showing Intel's pathway for releases in the first quarter of 2022. Aside from Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake releases being shown, the roadmap also shoes the releases of both hybrid Alder Lake-S desktop and Alder Lake-P mobile vPRO CPUs.

When talking about these two hybrid Alder Lake V PRO versions, they are usually not created for normal consumer or gamers, but for businesses. The two hybrids are to offer validity, managing from a remote setting and higher levels of security for up to fifteen months until the launch of the following series.

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The specifications for the Alder Lake-S desktop model shares the exact same core set which is 16 cores (8+8 cores) with 24 threads for model number i9-12900K, which has already had information released previously. The Alder Lake-P mobile model is to offer fourteen cores, however, splitting the cores by 6+8 and to offer a higher user efficiency and productivity during workloads.

The Alder Lake series, when first released, was Intel's first foray into hybrid technology for their CPUs. Since then, with the Tiger and Rocket Lake CPUs to continue with utilizing hybrid technology into the future, including hardware-guided scheduling, design optimizations, and energy-aware core parking.

When it comes to I/O, the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU lineup will feature both PCIe Gen 5 & PCIe Gen 4 support, Intel WiFi 6E (Gig+), and Thunderbolt 4 support. For memory, Alder Lake CPUs will come with a wide array of options ranging from DDR5/DDR4 for the desktop platform and LPDDR5 / LPDDR4 for the mobility platform. The Alder Lake Desktop platform is also expected to adopt the ATX12VO power connector standard.

— Hassan Mujtaba, Senior Hardware Editor of Wccftech

While the information leaked to VideoCardz shows that the vPRO models are to be Windows 10 supported, especially through 2022, it is unknown whether support for Windows 11 will be maintained further after Windows 10 is replaced. With new information released about compatibility for Windows 11, we may end up seeing support once Microsoft releases their revamped Windows OS.

Source: VideoCardz