Intel’s Raja Koduri Wants To Get Millions of Arc GPUs Into The Hands of PC Gamers Every Year


The PC GPU market has been in a dire situation since 2020 but Intel's Raja Koduri says that they are working hard to overcome this with their Arc GPU lineup.

Intel Working Hand To Get Millions of Arc GPUs Into The Hands of PC Gamers Every Year

There have been several external and internal factors that have affected the GPU industry. The external factors are the pandemic and mining crisis while internal factors are shortages of components and reduced manufacturing capabilities due to factories shuttering down. While most of these factors are mitigated, there's still the whole scalping situation that's ongoing from 3rd party sellers and sometimes even retailers and manufacturers themselves who are trying to make a profit out of the whole situation.

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And while we have seen things get better and prices showing a sign of improvement, we wouldn't keep our hopes high as that's exactly what had happened a few months ago and the prices simply returned to the high-point they previously were at. As such, most PC gamers are now hopeless and PCGamer has sent out an open letter to Intel, asking them for help during these dark times. & looks like they got their reply back from Intel:

Intel's Raja Koduri states that all of what is mentioned is definitely a huge issue, not only for PC gamers but for the industry at large. He further goes on to state that Intel is working hard to find a path towards the mission which is to get millions of Arc GPUs into the hands of PC gamers every year. This is huge if true and might even be a hint that the supply of Intel Arc GPUs would be really good compared to other manufacturers.

At the same time, Intel has yet to launch or properly unveil its Arc GPU lineup. It is stated to be launching in Q1 2022 however we are already past January and entering February. The first chips are likely to be aimed at laptops with desktop parts coming later and while the performance leaks do show them being highly competitive against AMD and NVIDIA offerings, we have yet to see a conclusive set of performance benchmarks. Having a third manufacturer would definitely ease up the supply for the rest of the market as the demand remains strong despite the prices being an absolute mess.