Intel Meteor Lake CPUs To Come In GT2 ’64 EU’ & GT3 ‘128 EU’ Xe Tiled-GPU Flavors

Hassan Mujtaba
Intel Meteor Lake Mobility CPUs Come With Two iGPU Flavors: GT2 '64 EU' & GT3 '128 EU' Tiled Xe GPUs 2

Intel Meteor Lake CPU with tGPU 'Tiled-GPU' design will come in two flavors which will be used primarily by the next-gen mobility lineup due in 2023.

Intel Meteor Lake Mobility CPUs Come With Two iGPU Flavors: GT2 '64 EU' & GT3 '128 EU' Tiled Xe GPUs

The latest information comes from @Kepler_L2 who has stated two variants of Meteor Lake's tGPU design, one is the GT2 SKU and the other is the higher-end GT3 SKU. The GT2 SKU will be featured in the standard lineup and feature a total of 64 EUs or 512 ALUs while the higher-end GT3 SKU will feature 128 EUs for a total of 1024 ALUs.

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The GT3 SKU features the same amount of EUs as the Arc A380 graphics card which has 8 Xe cores while the GT2 SKU will feature fewer SKUs than the most entry-level desktop SKU, the Intel Arc A310 which features 6 Xe cores. A 64 EU configuration points out a total of 4 Xe cores enabled for this particular SKU.

Now, these being integrated GPUs, or tGPUs 'Tiled-GPUs' as Intel is calling them won't reach the same performance potential as their desktop flavors due to limited power & reduced clocks but it will certainly be a huge performance jump that should put Intel in a very competitive space against AMD's integrated RDNA 3 offerings on its Ryzen 7000 mobility lineup. A rumor recently pointed to a total of 4 Xe cores or 64 EUs on the desktop Meteor Lake-S lineup too but there are rumors that the CPU lineup might've been canceled, but those were indeed using the GT2 integrated GPUs like all other Intel desktop chips before it.

We have seen leaked PCI IDs before which confirm that the majority of the Intel Meteor Lake-P CPU lineup utilizes the GT2 GPU configuration so it is likely that we would see some high-end chips with the GT3 configuration (via @miktdt)

  • PCI_DID_INTEL_MTL_M_GT2, "MeteorLake-M GT2
  • PCI_DID_INTEL_MTL_P_GT2_1, "MeteorLake-P GT2
  • PCI_DID_INTEL_MTL_P_GT2_2, "MeteorLake-P GT2
  • PCI_DID_INTEL_MTL_P_GT2_3, "MeteorLake-P GT2
  • PCI_DID_INTEL_MTL_P_GT2_4, "Meteorlake-P GT2

The Intel Meteor Lake Mobility CPU family is expected to make a debut in the second half of 2023 and will rely on the 'Intel 4' process node for the Compute Tile & TSMC 5nm process node for the GPU Tile. You can learn more about the Lego-Like chiplet architecture that is made possible with Intel's next-gen EMIB and Foveros technologies in their future client CPUs here.

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