Intel Launches 35W Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs In Asia-Pacific & European Markets First, Core i9-11900T & i7-11700T For Low-Power PCs

Intel's 35W Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs Launch in Asian Pacific & European Markets

Intel's 35W Low-Power Rocket Lake Core i9-11900T & Core i7-11700T 8 core desktop CPUs have launched in the Asian and European markets but the US market has yet to get these chips. The low-power processors are designed for power-constrained OEM designs, SFF PC builds, and Mini-HTPC PCs.

Intel's 35W Core i9-11900T & Core i7-11700T Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs Launch in Asian Pacific & European Markets, Up To 8 Cores at 3.7 GHz

The Intel 125W 'K' series and 65W 'Standard' chips have already been out since the 30th of March but only recently, retailers started selling 35W SKUs in the DIY segment. The 35W chips fall under the 'T' series branding and offer lower-power designs with conservative clock speeds compared to the standard 65W parts.

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There is a 'T' series variant for all Intel Rocket CPUs in the lineup & the SKUs list is provided below:

  • Core i9-11900T
  • Core i7-11700T
  • Core i5-11600T
  • Core i5-11500T
  • Core i5-11400T

So far, retailers are only offering the Intel Core i9-11900T and the Core i7-11700T on retail shelves. Japan-based and Hermitage Akihabara are quoting similar prices for the chips with the Core i7-11700T being sold for 45,078 Yen or around $400 US and the Core i9-11900T being sold for 60,478 Yen or around $550 US.

Japanese Intel Rocket Lake 35W Desktop CPUs Price List (Image Credits: GDM):


These are relatively higher prices compared to the standard MSRP but it's mostly due to the low stock of these parts at the moment. European retailers are also listing the Core i9-11900T around 450 Euros and the Core i7-11700T for around 350 Euros but as of right now, there's not a single US-based retailer that's offering Rocket Lake 'T' 35W CPUs.

If priced correctly, the Intel Core i9-11900T with 8 cores at $440 US and the Core i7-11700T with 8 cores at $320 US could become great options for small form factor PC builders. We will get to see various OEM solutions based around these chips including NUCs from Intel's partners and we will definitely keep you posted when those designs hit the market.

Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Desktop CPU Lineup Specs (Preliminary):

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost Clock (1-Core)Boost Clock (All-Core)CacheGraphicsTDP (PL1)TDP (PL2)Price
Core i9-11900K(F)8 / 163.50 GHz5.30 GHz4.80 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)125W251W$539 US (K)
$513 US (KF)
Core i9-11900(F)8 / 162.50 GHz5.20 GHz4.70 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65W224W$439 US
$422 US (F)
Core i9-11900T8 / 161.50 GHz4.90 GHz3.70 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)35W115W$439 US
Core i7-11700K(F)8 / 163.60 GHz5.00 GHz4.60 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)125W251W$399 US (K)
$374 US (F)
Core i7-11700(F)8 / 162.50 GHz4.90 GHz4.40 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65W224W$323 US
$298 US (F)
Core i7-11700T8 / 161.40 GHz4.60 GHz3.60 GHz16 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)35W115W$323 US
Core i5-11600K(F)6 /123.90 GHz4.90 GHz4.60 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)125W224W?$262 US (K)
$237 US (KF)
Core i5-116006 /122.80 GHz4.80 GHz4.30 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65W154W$213 US
Core i5-11600T6 /121.70 GHz4.10 GHz3.50 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)35W92W$213 US
Core i5-115006 /122.70 GHz4.60 GHz4.20 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)65W154W$192 US
Core i5-11500T6 /121.50 GHz3.90 GHz3.40 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 32 EU (256 Cores)35W92W$192 US
Core i5-11400(F)6 /122.60 GHz4.40 GHz4.20 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 24 EU (192 Cores)65W154W$182 US
$157 US (F)
Core i5-11400T6 /121.30 GHz3.70 GHz3.30 GHz12 MBIntel Xe 24 EU (192 Cores)35W92W$182 US
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