Intel Jumps into Online App Store

Intel has been the talk of the town recently with their loss against AMD in a law suite and their plans for dominating the world with new core ix processors. Now Intel has more reasons to stay in news as the world's largest computer chip manufacturer is now leading the way to support its Atom based netbooks by providing an online presence for application, which are supported by Intel netbooks, running on Atom processors.

CES 2010 Intel has announced the launch of a new way to validate and sell apps targeted to specific portions of the Intel-architecture market. The plan is to start with netbooks, then take over the world.

In 2009 Intel launched Atom Developers Program to support the developers working on creating applications for Intel based netbooks. By coming into this program, developers could create new or recreate old programs to cater to the growing demand of apps in the netbook circle.

Intel's new AppUp Center is available in beta for now where the netbook owners can download and browse for software and applications, which they need.

Another online resource described Intel's AppUp Center as:

The AppUp Center is a provider/client system, with a downloadable client app that allows access to the AppUp Center service provided by, well, the provider. Otellini's take was more results-based: He described it as "a one-stop location where users can find applications that are tailor-made and validated for the netbooks that they own."

He gave no details as to exactly what he meant by "validated," but we're surmising that the validation process won't be as draconian as the secretive selections undertaken by Apple's App Store police.

An Intel engineer identified by Otellini only as "Peter" said that the impetus behind the development of the AppUp Center was to solve the context problem. "It's very hard for web programmers to get to the context of the device - that means that the internet is the same on a netbook when it is in a coffee shop as it is on a workstation, or even a server in a data center," he said.

We have now seen everyone trying to jump on to the application bandwagon so we may see a mushroom growth of these online app resources available very soon, maybe within 2010. At the end of the day, consumer always wins.

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