Intel ‘Haswell-EP’ Quad Socket Xeon E5 4600 v3 Lineup Leaks Out – Launching in Q2 2015

Intel's Xeon E5 series is one of the more high end offerings that Intel's enterprise servers consist of. This year it has already rolled out the Haswell based v2 variants of the Haswell-EP lineup and v3 variants will now be coming sometime in Q2 2015. The primary difference between Haswell=EP v2 and v3 is the fact that v2 supports single socket and dual socket configurations (depending on SKU) while v3 supports quad socket configurations. That is upto 4 CPUs on a single motherboard!

Intel Haswell-EP Xeon E5 2600 V3 ProcessorsA tray showing Haswell-EP Xeon E5 v2 Samples @Unkown

Haswell-EP Quad Socket Intel Xeon 4600v3 Lineup Coming Q2 2015

These new Haswell EP Quad Socket variants will be branded as E5-4600 v3. Apart from the obvious they will also have more core count, larger L3 cache, DDR4 memory controller, and support for FMA and AVX2 instructions. There is no word on the actual specification although the SKU lineup has been revealed. The E5-4600 v3 CPUs will be couped with the C610 chipset, and will be compatible with Grantley-EP (LGA Socket 2011-3) platform. The SKUs will be introduced in Q2 2015. Basically, the v3 variants will be divided into 4 segments: Low Eng, Mid End, High End and Optimized. On the low end side Intel is offering Xeon E5-4610 v3. There will be two mid end processors, namely the E5-4620 v3 and E5-4640 v3. On the high-end side, Haswell EP E5 v3 will have Xeon E5-4650 v3 and E5-4660 v3. Optimized processors will have 4 SKUs. This will include E5-4627 v3, E5-4655 v3, E5-4667 v3 and E5-4669 v3 CPUs.

Haswell-EP  is Intel’s first native platform to feature DDR4 memory support with speeds of 2133 MHz which will provide significant boost in bandwidth when compared to conventional DDR3-1866 MHz memory. Intel will also topple these chips with 40 PCI-Express Gen 3 lanes and we are looking at TDPs ranging between 70W to 145 Watts while the high-performance workstation parts will feature a TDP of 160W.

Market Segment Haswell EP Intel Xeon E5 v2 Haswell EP Intel Xeon E5 v3
Basic E5-4603 v2
E5-4607 v2
E5-4610 v3
Standard E5-4610 v2
E5-4620 v2
E5-4620 v3
E5-4640 v3
Advanced E5-4640 v2
E5-4650 v2
E5-4650 v3
E5-4660 v3
Optimized E5-4627 v2 E5-4627 v3
E5-4655 v3
E5-4667 v3
E5-4669 v3


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