The Intel Core i7 3770K Review


With Intel’s 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processors, it has been said by the chipzilla as Ivy is more of a 'Tick' under Intel’s Tick Tock policy of its annual processor upgrades. Apparently under ‘Tock’, a new architecture comes to life with this under ‘Tick’ as to having a new 22 nm process technology with tri-gate and a more refined architecture.

As for us, we managed to get our hands on the Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K for an in depth review. The performance I must say was indeed breath-taking at many instances but there was yet a letdown too at some points. Nevertheless, our reviewer had this to say as for a conclusion:

It was a foregone conclusion that Ivy Bridge would be faster as compared to Sandy Bridge processors. The difference is as was expected, hovering between 10-15% depending on the application being run. The processor over-clocks just as well as previous processors. What is of concern is that the performance delta at over-clocked speeds actually shrinks. This can be either due to memory speed (which is set to 1600MHz for all tests) or a kink in the system that has not been figured out (though unlikely). Over the next few weeks, when we have had more time with the processor we’ll explore this further.

You can check out our in-depth review by clicking here.