Intel Atom N45x and N47x processors get to support DDR3

Abdullah Saad

We already know that Intel is all set to release Atom N450 processor(clocked at 1.66Ghz) in January. Details are now emerging that Intel wants to follow N450's release, with the release of N45x and N47x Atom processors, which will feature support for DDR3 RAM.

As per sources, DDR3 on Atom processors will run at 667Mhz, and will use two SODIMM slots. While, there will be an option to have one module soldered on the motherboard and the second one to come with SODIMM as a cheaper solution in comparison with using two open SODIMM slots.

While, Intel has not yet disclosed the launch date for DDR3 supporting versions of the Atom - condename; N45x and N47x - we believe that they will in all probability show up at Computex, set to be held in Taiwan in June 2010.

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