Intel ARC Alchemist Graphics Card Allegedly Pictured – DG2-128 GPU & 6GB Memory For Entry-Level Gaming


A blurry image of what appears to be an Intel ARC Alchemist graphics card featuring the DG2-128 GPU has been leaked over at Chiphell.

Intel ARC Alchemist Graphics Card PCB With DG2-128 GPU & 6 GB Memory Pictured

The designs of the DG2-128EU are not new. Intel has released die shots and information about the new DG2 series, as well as the 512EU model. The GPU pictured below is definitely the smaller chip that would max out at 128 Execution Units or 1024 ALUs. What's interesting however is the VRAM configuration which points out to more memory than what was previously expected.

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The user who leaked the picture on Chiphell states the card is extremely small compared to other models by Intel and other manufacturers, and consumes 65 watts of power, much lower than leaked slides showing the card was a SOC2 with around 75 watts of power consumption. A few days ago, Moore's Law Is Dead also stated that the entry-level SKUs will feature very low TDP, more on that here.

The leaker also states the Intel ARC Alchemist graphics card features a 6 GB GDDR6 memory. To get there, a card will most likely have to feature a 96-bit bus interface considering the 192-bit bus interface is designed for higher-end variants.

In a detailed die dissection of the DG2-128 chip by Locuza, it seems like 96-bit is correct since the GPU offers a single 64-bit and a single 32-bit controller for the memory. This would mean that we can expect several configurations starting at 3 GB and going up to 4/6/8 GB for the smallest of the two ARC Alchemist GPUs. But considering that 4 GB has become the bare minimum these days, it looks like the minimum amount would be kept at 4 GB.

Intel DG2-128 EU ARC Alchemist GPU Die Shot (Image Credits: Locuza):

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With the leaked image being very hard to discern exact specifications or spot-on speculations, the user leaking the image to Chiphell did outline the locations of both the GPU and the memory in the picture provided to the website. With the mounting holes being present in the photo, it can be easily determined that this is for desktop models and not other variants, such as the mobile version of the Alchemist series.

Intel Xe-HPG Based Discrete Alchemist GPU Configurations:

GPU VariantGraphics Card VariantGPU DieExecution UnitsShading Units (Cores)Memory CapacityMemory BusTGP
Xe-HPG 512EUARC A***Alchemist-512EU512 EUs409616/8 GB GDDR6256-bit225-275W?
Xe-HPG 384EUARC A***Alchemist-512EU384 EUs307212/6 GB GDDR6192-bit225-275W?
Xe-HPG 256EUARC A***Alchemist-512EU256 EUs20488/4 GB GDDR6128-bit150-200W?
Xe-HPG 192EUARC A***Alchemist-512EU192 EUs15364 GB GDDR6128-bit150-200W?
Xe-HPG 128EUARC A***Alchemist-128EU128 EUs10248/6/4 GB GDDR696/64-bit50-75W?
Xe-HPG 96EUARC A***Alchemist-128EU86 EUs7688/6/4 GB GDDR696/64-bit50-75W?

The Intel ARC Alchemist desktop models are to showcase three different SKUs, while their mobile versions are to have up to five different SKUs.

News Source: VideoCardz