Intel Arc Alchemist Flagship Graphics Card Gets Beautiful 3D Renders As Part of GPU NFT Collection


Intel's flagship Arc Alchemist graphics card has just got some beautiful 3D renders as part of Falktron's Hommage latest GPU NFT collection.

Intel's Arc Alchemist Graphics Card Pictured In 3D Renders As Part of GPU NFT Collection

Intel is going to launch its first Arc Alchemist graphics products tomorrow for the laptop segment and soon after, we will see the first discrete graphics cards heading out in the second quarter of 2022. The flagship graphics card has been pictured on several occasions in both prototype and final-retail state but these new renders give us another look at the design approach that Intel has cooked up for gamers.

Intel Arc Graphics Cards Get ‘VRAM Self-Refresh’ Feature In Latest Linux Drivers

Falktron Hommage is now offering a new GPU collection that includes detailed renders of the upcoming Intel Arc Alchemist flagship graphics card.

Marlon, Matthias and Sebastian are the first members of Falktron. Falktron is opening its terrain, and it's time to get an entry ticket. Each GPU-NFT is a metaphorical ticket into the computing network of the future Falktron DAO, giving you access to our community. First granted a special Discord role depending on your level and eligibility to enter raffles and airdrops. Utility token tickets also include $FALKTRO to help control the future DAO. The founding year of the Falktron DAO is 2023.

$FALKTRO receives a supply of 100,000 tokens. Up to 45,750 of them will be issued via A small part of 8,880 will remain with the creator team. The remaining supply will be spent with the release of the first NFT collection on a marketplace and with the help of exciting quests.

$FALKTRO can be exchanged in Q1 2024 for the $FTRO token, used as the public currency in our Falktron computing ecosystem.

There are 3 levels of the NFT Utility GPU Phase 0 on The top 3 backers will receive a special limited edition NFT GPU for the Falktron DAO, depending on their level of campaign contribution. The top 3 backers will include 1000, 500 and 250 of $FALKTRO in addition to limited edition NFTs.

  • ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3090: Secured at 1 ETH – 17 total
  • AMD RADEON RX 6900 XT: Secured at 0.1 ETH – 170 total
  • INTEL ARC ALCHEMIST: Secured at 0.01 ETH – 1000 total

The first unveiling of Intel's Arc Alchemist graphics card is fast approaching, we have everything that we know so far summed up here for you!

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