Intel: AMD Is Throttling Ryzen Performance When Running On Battery [Full Presentation]


Intel had a briefing for journalists recently in which they detailed findings from their own internal labs that AMD Ryzen throttles performance on battery (in certain scenarios). This, according to Intel, is why the company is able to offer superior battery numbers. They presented an entire study that includes reputable benchmarks like PCMark 10 but we would still urge caution (as with any first-party study) and wait for third-party testing.

Intel: AMD is throttling performance on battery mode, reviewers should test laptops unplugged

Foreword: I will not attempt to analyze their argument, the entire presentation is given (unedited) below so our readers can form their own opinions. However, I will foreword Intel's basic premise. Since they believe that AMD is throttling performance on battery mode, they want reviewers to start reviewing laptops with at-least 50% (if not all) of testing conducted unplugged. Their primary argument being that a laptop isn't meant to be plugged in while working most of the time, so testing while plugged into the wall results in unrealistic results. Without any further ado, here is the complete presentation:

What do you think of Intel's arguement?