Intel Alder Lake’s Integrated UHD Graphics 770 GPU Overclocks Like Crazy, Almost Hits 2.4 GHz on Water Cooled Setup With Over 60% Performance Gains

Hassan Mujtaba
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Intel's Alder Lake 12th Gen Desktop CPUs have shown very impressive performance but there is one surprise element of the new chips that have not been talked about and that's the integrated graphics or iGPU.

Intel's Alder lake UHD 770 Integrated Graphics Is An Insane Overclocker, Pushed To 2.4 GHz On Water-Cooling With 60% Performance Uplift

The unlocked Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPUs are equipped with integrated graphics known as the UHD Graphics 770. This chip is based on the Xe-LP architecture that is also fabricated on the same 10nm process node and features 32 execution units, 256 ALUs, and a boost clock of up to 1.45 GHz. On its own, the GPU produces around 0.75 TFLOPs of horsepower but it looks like the version on Alder Lake chips has been slightly enhanced to the point that overclockers have pushed it to the very limit.

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YouTuber, SkatterBencher, has shown just that. While both Rocket Lake and Alder Lake chips have no major integrated graphics changes, the Alder Lake chip tends to run 550 MHz faster (900 MHz for Core i9-11900K). This means that the Alder Lake iGPUs are already much faster than the 11th Gen Rocket Lake part. But there's more!

SkatterBencher pushed the Intel UHD 770 integrated graphics chip to its limit using a water-cooled setup. Now do remember that this is an integrated part so it shares power with the main CPU itself but regardless, you can tune the iGPU on its own using the motherboard BIOS or from the XTU app that Intel has produced. The overclocker mentions that to achieve the final result, he increased the VccGT voltage to 1.375V, which allowed him to raise the BCLK to 115 MHz.

Intel Alder Lake UHD 770 iGPU Graphics Overclocking (Image Credits: SkatterBencher):


This was done along with a slice frequency of 2378 MHz or an unslice frequency of 1567 MHz. The CPU graphics voltage was also set to 'Offset +' mode. This tuning raised the overall performance by up to 61%  & an average performance jump of 45-50% which is very impressive! This raises the FP32 horsepower of the chip to 1.2 TFLOPs which is almost twice the jump and nearly matches the 1.31 TFLOPs of the original Xbox One's GPU. The average GPU temperature was maintained at 60C and the maximum wattage for the integrated UHD 770 Alder Lake chip was 31.70W.

A more conservative test with 1.088V voltage and 2100 MHz iGPU clocks led to 41C temps and 20W. This tuning setup yields around 1.1 TFLOPs of FP32 compute power. While AMD is releasing its new RDNA 2 architecture on APUs at CES 2022, Intel's Xe-LP architecture still goes off to show some cool overclocking results. AMD's Vega iGPUs have been overclocked beyond 2.5 GHz on LN2 and RDNA 2 with its impressive 6nm design can yield some impressive results on its own. With iGPUs now in the 1-2 TFLOPs category, this should cause some heated competition in the entry-level GPU market as seen with NVIDIA's recent GeForce RTX mobile launches.

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