Intel To Auction 6,500 Wireless Cellular Assets Including 5G


After announcing its decision to exit the 5G modem business this April, Santa Clara chip giant Intel is now auctioning off its cellular portfolio. Intel missed the smartphone race during the early times of the industry, and since then, the company has struggled to bring its hardware on par with other companies such as Qualcomm. Now, in what might be a final blow to the company's 5G ambitions, Intel is putting up its wireless cellular portfolio for auction reports iam-media. Take a look below for more details.

Intel Is Auctioning Off Its Cellular Connectivity Portfolio Which Consists of 5G, 4G and 3G IPs

It's a crucial time for wireless cellular connectivity in the tech world. Computing performance and manufacturing standards have finally reached the point at which it's possible for companies to pay serious attention to the Internet of Things. Right when we've reached this moment, 5G is also making good progress, and these three elements combined will push technology even further into the everyday users' life.

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At this crucial point in time, Intel's moving in the opposite direction as it finally looks to end its struggles with the smartphone and mobile industry. Today's report claims that Intel's auction offering consists of two portfolios. These are a cellular device portfolio and a connected device portfolio.

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The cellular device portfolio consists of 6,000 5G, 4G and 3G assets and 1,700 assets related to wireless implementation technologies. The connected device portfolio is made up of 500 patens that cover a vast array of gadgets. It's also important to note that this auction does not mean that Intel is sellng all of its wireless technology IP. Furthermore, Intel's wireless IP auction covered today, and the company's decision to sell off its modem business are separate from each other.

The auction will be conducted by Sullivan & Cromwell LLP under the firm's co-head of Intellectual Property Nader Mousavi. Mr. Mousavi joined S&C in 2011 and has lectured at Stanford Law School. Intel is anticipating non-binding applications of interest in its portfolios by early August, and despite its poor market performance, the company has nevertheless contributed significantly to wireless cellular research.

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