Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge Quad Core (ES) Processor spotted running DDR3 2133 C6+


An Intel Ivy Bridge Engineering Sample Processor has been spotted and demonstrated at Coolaler Forums. The forums also posted benchmarks of a Dual Core Sample which we reported here.

The 22nm Quad Core chip is clocked at a stock frequency of 2.0Ghz (1.056V) and features a 6Mb L3 Cache along with an 65W TDP Design. CPU-z reports a Core Speed of 2407.1Mhz.

The CPU was tested on the Gigabyte Z68X-UD7 motherboard with B3 Stepping and DDR3 Memory with frequency of 2133Mhz C6 + (Latencies 6-9-6-24) in Dual Channel Mode. This shows that the upcoming Ivy bridge CPU's would easily support highly overclocked memory with lower latencies, Following is the AID64 Memory Benchmark result: