Use InstaTools To Zoom And Save Instagram Photos To Your Camera Roll


Instagram is one of the most trending social apps which received its biggest update a few days back. Instagram Direct now enables users to send content from their feed to your friends directly, while also bringing to the roster IM capabilities. However, there are several limitations of the Instagram app that puts you off. One of the limitations that Instagram possess, is the inability to save photos and videos to your Camera Roll or share them with other apps.


However, if you are lucky enough to have a jailbroken device, there is a tweak that allows you to zoom and save photos or videos from Instagram to the Camera Roll of your iPhone. InstaTools can only save photos and videos from Instagram and no other app.

Let's see some more details for the new jailbreak tweak, InstaTools.

Zoom Instagram Photos With InstaTools

With InstaTools, you will have the ability to save any photo or video from your Instagram feed to your Camera Roll. The tweak integrates with the Instagram app and adds two new buttons below the photo or video. The two new buttons are responsible for saving and sharing the photo or video with your friends using other apps.

The first button under the photo or video that shows a downward arrow is responsible for downloading or saving the photo or video. The button with an upward pointing arrow allows you to share your feed content with friends using other apps like, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Apart from this, there is another feature that other Instagram tweaks lack.


InstaTools is also incorporated with a zoom feature. This is a pretty neat addition, as the Instagram app also lacks this functionality. Users can zoom in by repeatedly tapping the photo. The level of zoom depends upon the times you tap the photo. This allows users to take a closer look at the photo which the Instagram app won't allow you to. It would be a welcome change in the app, as Facebook and other social network apps have this feature built in.


Once you have the tweak installed and running, there is no configuration required. Launch the Instagram app and you are all set to start saving and sharing your photos and videos. Do take note that if you have other Instagram related tweaks running on your iPhone, InstaTools might conflict. The Instagram app may get stuck every now and then while scrolling though your news feed.

This InstaTools jailbreak tweak is absolutely free of charge and if you are interested enough, you can get it from Cydia as a package. The tweak works with the latest version v7.5 of Instagram.

This is it for now, folks. Share your view about this new tweak in the comments.